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Lawmaker’s Aide Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Friday, December 05, 2014

A former aide to US Representative Blake Farenthold, R-Texas is suing the lawmaker, alleging that she was wrongfully terminated, and that she was frequently subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.

The lawsuit has been filed by Lauren Greene, who worked as a new media director and communications director at the office of Representative Blake Farenthold. According to the allegations, she was subjected to sexual harassment and other forms of undesirable behavior in the workplace. Her former employer, she says, regularly drank excessively, and at one point, informed one of his staff members that he frequently had sexual fantasies about Greene.

He once told her, according to the lawsuit, that she had something on her skirt, trying to imply that she had semen on her skirt. In fact, according to the lawsuit, he frequently made comments like this that were designed to harass her, and to gauge if she would be interested in a sexual relationship with him.

The lawsuit names harassment, not just by the lawmaker, but also by his Chief of Staff. She claims that she once complained to Representative Farenthold about the Chief of Staff’s behavior towards her, calling him harassing and condescending. the Representative told her to stand up for herself, and that he would support her. Less than a month after that meeting, she was fired.

Farenthold is currently serving out his third term in Congress. The lawsuit is claiming unspecified damages.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take any number of forms. From lewd gestures and off-color jokes, to outright assault, such harassment can occur in any number of forms that are designed to make you feel uncomfortable and intimidated. If you are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, you have rights under the law that you can protect. Speak to a California sexual harassment lawyer about your options.

University to Pay More Than $ 1 Million to Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Friday, November 01, 2013

Alabama State University will pay $ 1.1 million to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed by three former employees of the college. The three former employees claimed in their lawsuit that two administrators at Alabama State University, including a chief executive officer and an executive director subjected them to sexually harassing practices in the workplace.

The men made several inappropriate and sexually charged comments against the women, and promoted a hostile work environment. One of the defendants, who happens to be black, routinely used the N- word. The defendant also used the N- word to refer to the seven-year-old son of one of the plaintiffs. In one case, a defendant asked one of the plaintiffs, to dance for him, and also inappropriately touched her.

The plaintiffs also said that in spite of making several complaints to the Alabama State University human resources department, no action was taken against the two men. Employees were also threatened against participating in an investigation by the Equal Employment Commission against one of the defendants on the basis of the complaints against him.

Now, Alabama State University has agreed to pay $ 1.1 million to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit. Last year, the three plaintiffs also received a $ 1 million jury verdict in their favor. The verdict is likely to raise a lot of questions in that state, especially considering that the Alabama State University is largely funded by public money. The fact that these allegations of sexual harassment were made over a period of time, involved multiple claimants, and that these allegations were ignored by university officials is also likely to be spotlighted.