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Case Description

$20,000,000 recovered for customers of RealNetworks. A RealNetworks customer hired The Spencer Law Firm to file the first class action lawsuit in the nation against RealNetworks for secretly attaching spyware to its RealJukebox software and assigning a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) to its customers which could be matched to the customers personal information. The plaintiffs contended the secret spyware recorded all of the customers usage history and secretly transmitted it back to RealNetworks. If the consumer were to use RealJukebox offline, as soon as the consumer went back on line the information would be transmitted to RealNetworks. The plaintiffs contended the GUID, permitted RealNetworks to match the usage history to the consumer and create a profile of the user. After extensive litigation The Spencer Law Firm negotiated a settlement worth $20 Million for the RealNetworks customers. Orange County Superior Court.

Case Details
Name Realnetworks Class Action Categories Consumer Class Actions/Unfair Business Practices
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